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Tell her she turns you on and then go on to compliment her attributes such as her hair, eyes, or curves, says astroglide sexpert, dr. Slowly she may develop the interest. John stamos and his wife are having a difficult time conceiving a second child, because their first born keeps interrupting them. My wife and i just celebrated our 19th anniversary. Annalisa regrets she cannot enter into personal correspondence. Sex can help improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

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Wife sex send in. Another masterstroke: refuse all olive branches even though she will be desperate to have sex with you now. They don’t have to take responsibility for any problems in the marriage, and if the marriage ends they can point a finger at you for being the problem, for being focused on nothing but sex and expecting too much from them. Thanks for contacting us. Emotionally, he listens and stands by my side when i need him. How much your spouse finds you sexy depends on how you treat him/her. Watson says if a sexual lull persists, sex therapy is always an option for you and your partner to discover deeper reasons behind sexual issues and, in turn, find ways to address them.


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It builds a bond that promotes closeness and emotional intimacy. You find yourself with no support system and the growing belief that there is something terribly wrong with you. Her actions will give root to unhealthy beliefs about yourself and your value as a person and a sexual being.

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