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I have ed, difficulty reaching climax, very little semen comes out and oozes more than it shoots, sometimes it is cold. From 4 days i got erection but with in a second it get loose. My penis erects sometimes without any sexual desires in my mind. You gotta have a lot of mental control.

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Where can i find hot bisexual guys sweaty crotch erection. Jeff got out from under me and stood at the foot of the bed, rubbing his thick, seven-inch organ. Would you be having doubts about your heterosexuality? ok then. We hv conpleted 1 year of our marriage sex life is gud bt frm 3 month his penis nt got stand we want a baby bt it creates prob his semen test is ok doc said there is no prob. I notice the head of my penis is going up in my skin.


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I was a late comer to the world of sex but during my first few times i had trouble getting hard. It is because you feel inferior. In reality, safe sex practices are influenced by a whole range of environmental and cultural factors.

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