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The orange light that lights up and it kind of heats up the water and steam comes out and you put your face over the top put a little towel or over the top of your head and kind of take it all in take the semen and it opens up your paws and it’s right i mean you can’t like use a cd coming out wait wait wait. Com collects all the best deals of the facial sauna. No ratings or reviews yet. This is a little reservoir here put some water in there and there’s a little measuring cup fill it to max put it in and i switch on oh wait wait wait wait basically she’s using um she put on we cheated and she had the nails her nails done in the video and i was just filming her um oh yeah because i could really film obviously and header i’m having my nails done as well. That she can breathe no boy can capture all the heat let it go onto my face and you sound an extra nasal right now. Basically she’s got her head and underneath there and um working hot under here and she’s complaining and basically she just got her like hoodie on top. The term ‘etsy’ is a trademark of etsy, inc.

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Revlon spa rvs1112 moisturestay ionic hot and cold facial sauna. Many different like the types of products and stuff she’s gonna do a product review video with me really soon on my skincare. Pack the moisture into your skin and steam the impurities out with the revlon moisturestay ionic hot/cold facial sauna. You can see the steam coming out and the water vapor i mean i’m sure you guys know that it’s. Okay, anything else you’d like to add before i say i do that and then you then you need to use an exfoliator after you’re done wash your face with some warm like – a cold water after you’re finished to get rid of all the you know the crap that comes out of your pores and then you need to exfoliate once you’ve done that you need to put on like some sort of face mask i don’t know like mud masks i don’t tend to use mud mask because i make them on my own but i need like things based with like honey kinda base um i’m sure my sisters talked about this before but like yeah i have. Yeah sorry because i’m like practically upside down and this really like opens up your pores and it makes you your skin like really good this stuff like i use it at least once a week but you should try to use it like twice if you can.

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This application uses the etsy api but is not endorsed or certified by etsy, inc. See ya and i’ll be taking some pictures of her doing it as well. Is a reliable company that i trust.