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There are many features of ourtime that mimic those of match in a number of ways. This way, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of your username — just make sure to remember your password and you’ll be fine. How dare you invade my privacy and life with your bull$#*! page on my laptop you $#*!ers. Com is mainly aimed towards proving the viewpoint that people can find love in any phase of their lives.

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Ourtime is a niche-dating site for older singles to meet their potential partner. If you are an american in your 50s, ourtime would be a good choice for you. The interface of this user-friendly website is very easy to use. This site preys upon lonely seniors.

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Would love to see the actual number of successful relationships coming out of here. All it needs is basic computer knowledge the get the most out of this online dating website.

Matchmaking & search functions

They hit my credit card for over $30 and then again for $22. You are asked some basic questions about yourself to which you have to provide correct answers.

Best for focused dating

It’s a total waste of time, everything is phoney, you will never meet anyone nice, but it is fun if you don’t take it too seriously. I like your picture” and then another one from the same user.

Signup process & profile building

But i didn’t, so i sent her an apology. Besides, it also offers senior dating tips to guide you how to stay safe on the internet. There are so few users of this site and many profiles appear to be “fake”. You can create a detailed profile that generally contains many basic yet interesting questions that explain what you are at the same time who it is you are looking for. For a small fee, ourtime allows you to bump your profile up so it appears near the top of the search rankings. Basic membership is free but all the fantastic features of the site are limited to premium members only.

Signup process & profile building

I had signed up for six months, and they have my $111. Customer service advised me that my auto renewal was still on.

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Nice people, just not ‘the one’, but have made some new friends, and although i’m not crazy about this site, because it’s not totally user friendly, it’s not bad. Digital brands inc. Using online magazine to get the best basic dating tips and much more is provided to the users of ourtime. With its simple layout and attractive features for free and paid members, ourtime stands out as the best in the senior dating sector.

Design and functionality

I stopped the auto re-billing and they blocked my account even though i had paid for an additional two months. It is a shame that such business continues to thrive. I joined 6 months ago and regret it.

Making a connection with your match