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And, if you are planning to purchase donated sperm from a sperm bank, there are many, many factors to consider. We will make sure your ccb experience is as successful as possible. Albert yuzpe, who co-founded vancouver’s genesis fertility centre and before that spent 26 years heading the reproductive medicine department at the university of western ontario. No other sperm bank does more genetic testing! dna advantage donors are screened for 260+ conditions. You may find it helpful to take your partner along.

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Purpose sperm banks. Donor screening for genetic diseases was usually limited to a medical history. Read about the entire donor sperm and insemination process including: how we recruit and qualify donors, process specimens, the countdown to artificial insemination, how to choose a donor and open an account with us, ordering and shipping, and family planning through our family today and family tomorrow programs. How will you feel if your child chooses to search out their biological father when they are 18? what will you tell your child about their conception? if you have a male partner, how will you both feel knowing that your baby is not genetically his? Sperm banks collect and store sperm and offer andrology laboratory services such as semen analysis, frozen donor sperm services and long-term sperm storage.


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In most cases, the sperm donor has the option of donating anonymously, or he can choose to release his personal information to couples interested in purchasing donated sperm. You might consider hiring a lawyer to draft a legal contract that defines your financial and parental rights and obligations.

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