Opposite sex twins showering

Especially if you are having twins, you’ll need lots of extras,even if everyone came and brought a box of diapers or wipes!!! i agree a baby(-ies) are always a reason to celebrate. A manicure pedicure party???sounds a little different, but i am pregnant too & just had a mani-pedi & can i tell you, i want one every month (2) before i deliver in april. Are you requesting a baby shower??? if so, shame on you. I was very hesitant because i never really agreed with second showers but i’m keeping it small(10 people)and now looking forward to it especially since it will be small and i can have some “girl” time. I think every baby deserves a warm welcome. Paired with banana flavored foods.

How to tell your kids are too old to be naked around each other

I think they should. And in either case you should never throw your own shower. And anyone who has a second single baby within 18 months after the first pretty much has to buy all this stuff also and they don’t get a shower either.