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The cult of mantyhose is the next secret society that you might enjoy. And i love the ability to slide my shoes on and off. So how do most guys end up trying pantyhose for the first time? pre-teen or adolescent young men try on their mom’s or sister’s pantyhose out of curiosity. It is much less common these days for companies to prohibit bare legs. My husband does and i adore him. The luxury hosiery company based in austria, that four years ago it started offering male products. Just like a woman would wear seam-free knickers under tights to avoid a visible panty line, men should choose a pair of jocks to help hold everything in place.

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Men wanting to wear pantyhose. I’ve always wanted to wear female clothes, esp. People respect it when you blaze your own trail. My wife knew i was a shall we say closet case wearer for most of our 25 years together. I am so fortunate as my current spouse not only accepts wearing pantyhose, whether just around the house or for sex, but she also surprises me from time-to-time when she comers home with new pairs of pantyhose for me. Katz says he sells hundreds of thousands of dollars a year worth of three-year-old comfilon, which has male-specific features such as a fly in front.


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Some of them were shocked to see an interest in pantyhose among men given the complaints about pantyhose from women: Next day i asked her if i can wear tights again under my jeans to school.

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