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Night sights cannot and should not be beat upon. If one wants to remove the safety, smith & wesson. : the gas efficiency is relatively poor, i am only getting 3 15 round mags for c02 fill, so about 45 rounds or so. It operates in the most. Sold mine because of this! gun was full of fine brass shavings.

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M p45 field strip. The polymer frame is very high quality, doesn’t feel like cheap plastic at all. Slider lock in the open position of bad metal and has a serious wear. I am use to the goverment colt 45 then the berratta 92f. This after only about 140 bbs. You have to aim with the center of the front dot in the middle of the rear top sight line, than align the center of the front dot into the bullye of your target to hit center, so it shoot a bit low like many guns. This relieved the magazine spring of stress, and if it took me 17 rounds to hit my target i was in deep crap anyway. I was extremely impressed by the xd subcompact in 9mm.

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A fully functioning version of the smith & wesson m&p 40, this air-powered 177 caliber 2255053 is a great companion to the firearm. Smith makes great guns but what their best at is customer service they truly are number one.