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You have a topical yeast infection. I washed my scrotum, dick and inner loins with it and let it stay on for a few minutes. So last night after treating my scrotum, i applied the tea tree oils to my mangina lips. Find underwear for runners. The funk is not sexy at all, quite nasty & is making me embarrassed. It’s horrible because i’m afraid when i go to the bathroom at work folks can smell the stench.

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Lick the sweat off my balls. A new thought catalog series exploring our connection to each other, our food, and where it comes from. They have received notoriety for their song “halftime (ft. There is no hope for those like us. Yeah, and now rondo’s face is covered in everyone’s sweat. Has anyone tried it?


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I posted before about my scrotums being super itchy, then flaky & smelling like last weeks garbage. I would crawl through a 4000 mile long tunnel filled with hiv needles and kenyan rhino feces while a pack of rabid wildebeests are tied to the head of my penis which has already been sliced down the middle by a rusty razor blade just to get to the end of that tunnel to be dragged by a gang of angry kkk members through a 100 miles of battery acid and glass shards just so i can suck the diarrhea of a plumber through a straw who fixed a dude’s sink that knew a guy who knew worked at the store that you bought your last pair of socks from. Much cheaper than prescription yeasticide.