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50pm, m21 was the third submarine to breach the harbour and was spotted by the unarmed patrol boat hmas. The outer-harbour defences detected the entry of the first midget submarine at about 8. Three japanese midget submarines slipped into the harbour on the night of 31 may 1942. At the entrance to the harbour and was depth-charged. Your ip address will be tracked even if you remain anonymous. Sydney – hundreds of kilometres from japanese-controlled waters of the pacific and seemingly well defended – had appeared a safe haven for the allied navies and their crews. Monaghan rammed and then depth-charged this sub.

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Japanese midget sub sydney. The mother submarines departed the area after it became obvious that their midget submarines would not be returning. The night before, i-24 had launched a small floatplane that flew over the harbour, its crew spotting a prize target – an american heavy cruiser, the uss chicago. All comment submissions will become the property of ww2db. The major features of the wreck including the torpedo tubes, conning tower and propellers were readily recognisable,” he said. They would wait there until 3 june. And the crew chose suicide over capture. 21, which took part in the raid being raised from the harbour bow first.

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Members of the australian and new zealand chapter of the explorers club have been diving on the remains of the two-man mini submarine m-24 in the lead up to thursday’s anniversary. Seventy-five years ago, under the cover of darkness, a group of japanese midget submarines secretly cruised into sydney harbour and launched an attack that would bring the second world war to the city’s doorstep. In wagga for example, a city with a wartime population of between 11 and 12,000, over 6,000 visited the submarine.

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