Getting husband to spank wife

I feel that this first spanking may have actually saved our marriage. Is it normal to have so many things happen back to back in the beginning of this journey? i feel like i just keep messing up, but have done so well on so many other areas. By now my erection is long gone and i only feel how much my bottom stings and burns. I will use this blog to talk about my quest for a satisfied love life. Of cause, very painful.

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Instead we must look for general principles the bible does teach that we can then apply to specific situations the bible may not speak to. I have never enjoyed getting a spanking, it is terribly painful and unpleasant, and i have never been turned on by getting a spanking but i appreciate that the spankings are a moderating and disciplining influence on my behaviour and that the discipline ensures good order and harmony in our house and help me to not too often forget my manners and how i am supposed to behave.