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Plus, if the victim didn’t die from the initial hail of micro-bullets, you had to fully dismantle the gun just to reload. See they were getting large quanties of shit, dirty cheap, steppin on it five, six times and then dumpin it all over town. I’d hidden the film from earlier in the day in my pocket and figured that if i fought hard enough for the film in my camera, he wouldn’t search me. No way would i have that on a duty weapon. But it’s so obviously a joke. Ar stands for armalite. This is what happens when exploitation meets absurdity.

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Fucked with gun barrel photo galleries. This video demonstrates how far we have gone as a country in accepting the culture of police violence. Because if that grenade fuse gets bent double on itself, or clipped, or an errant spark detonates it early, you’ve got a bundle of potential shrapnel in your hand. Well, all except for the times when he’s actually using the key/barrel end of the pistol to disengage the lock. Bail is not punishment, and the constitution specifically discusses excessive bail as a denial of human rights. Fuck you and fuck your friends! you want the guns from the nash? motherfuck! come up and take them from the nash. Good way to say it.


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Absolutely shreds fort now. Private companies (ones that make millions from individual departments) often advertise their wares in the most operator, advertising cod to 13 year olds way as you can imagine. All i know is that the cocksucker in the other room there is a basehead.