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He is also a major wwe fan and thinks that the undertaker is the greatest professional wrestler of all time. Aline barros, fernandinho, gabriela rocha, bruna karla e mais. Oh nah i don’t mind being spoiled, but i didn’t know he died again lmfao. More like their strategy for the titans in general. That percentage isn’t far off.

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Fuck the world flash. After all, if arrow can make a comeback after its terrible fourth season, the flash can definitely bounce back from a few less-than-stellar outings. It’s shock value, which is not at all an appropriate way to look at these kinds of mental health issues. If lunch is your favorite meal, just kill yourself. The problem is they’ve killed him 4(?) times since he came back in rebirth, and heroes in crisis is just shitty writing.

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The problem isn’t whether or not he’s permanently dead, because he’s not. Dc’s strategy for strawberry wally in the comics.

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