Fuck me til i squirt 1

He rubs my clit, making me cum again, just as i feel his cock convulse and flood my pussy with another huge sticky load. Every woman is fundamentally able to squirt. Mine will really soak the sheets !! lordy, it really makes mefeelso much like a female. I do squirt alot like tooo much that i have to stop sometimes so i dont do alot mess on my bed. There is always a towel round now so the bed and carpet does not get wet.

Three beautiful lesbians who like to piss!

Did u try slow steady pressure on your lower tummy while two fingers rubbing yr g spot on the inside it might take a while u just need to relax and not try to hard. How do you squirt. I actually think i squirted for the first time in my life!!!! ^_^ i feel accomplished.