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Bells palsy (facial nerve problems): symptoms, treatment & contagious


Facial nerve palsy is diagnosed based on clinical evaluation. Patients often complain about pain around the ear that can radiate to the face, and the ear pain is usually much worse in rhs patients. Azuma t, nakamura k, takahashi m, et al. This gives excellent return of facial function, and does not affect swallowing and talking as long as there is a functioning hypoglossal nerve on the other side. Arteries of the body is elevated. Surgical treatment of the “marginal mandibular lip” deformity. The patient may need to undergo emergent surgical exploration in cases of penetrating trauma.

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Botulinum toxin therapy

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Facial nerve entrapment. Facial nerve reconstruction and its prognosis. ; armonk, ny, ibm corp). If the paralysis progresses over weeks to months, the likelihood of a tumor (eg, most commonly schwannoma) compressing the facial nerve increases. Bell palsy normally has a sudden onset that is often preceded by facial dysesthesia, epiphora, pain, hyperacusis, dysgeusia, and decreased function of the lacrimal gland. 5%, were at increased risk of developing oral-ocular synkinesis 12 months after facial palsy first occurred. The inclusion criterion was the documented history of facial paralysis during the patient’s lifetime. Microsurgical transfer for facial reanimation.

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Facial pain due to trigeminal nerve vascular compression has been well documented, however the imaging in our patient did not identify any trigeminal nerve pathology, despite its anatomical proximity to the seventh nerve root exit zone. A small electrical current is passed through the balls and facial movement is observed. Most frequently, the minimal and maximal stimulation test (mst) and electroneuronography (enog) are used.

Vulnerability of the facial nerve in entrapment palsy: comparative study in guinea pigs and humans | springerlink

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