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A group of high school seniors re-visit the infamous dirty deeds that their predecessors tried to complete with little success: the idea is to carry out 10 increasingly outrageous and wild challenges, which have to be completed from dusk to dawn on a friday night. I liked it because some of the ‘deeds’ i would have never thought of doing with my partner. By clicking ‘x’ or continuing to use the site, you agree to allow cookies to be placed. Friendships “with benefits” are very rewarding and have none of the negative side effects described above.

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Dirty sex deed. Well if your anyone with a secondary education then you might know that scientists believe we all originated from one woman 200,000 years ago in africa. So how can the ordinary person cultivate peace of mind, serenity, psychological and emotional stability while at the same time being fully engaged in life’s incessant drama? in what nikos kazantzakis’ zorba the greek called “the full catastrophe”? And you will be helping support our website & our efforts. Impermanence is the only self-evident truth in life: seeking constancy and stability is akin to chasing shadows. We really enjoyed this game as playing decided each action we both took, and as we both take dominant and submissive roles within the bedroom it was great to both not know what we were going to do with/to each other next.

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Play begins by drawing a card form the “getting dirty” deck. And just hearing its theme song will probably lead to some smushing.

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