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That sense vacuum or suction pressure applied to the clitoris or clitoral region. Patients who had a history of depression, sexual abuse, hypoactive sexual desire disorder, diabetes, dyspareunia or certain other risk factors were excluded from the study. The piezo material is activated electrically. Other typical erection-aiding vacuum devices are disclosed in u. The invention also can be used in combination with vaginal lubricity testing to evaluate reflex response caused by clitoral engorgement. Or to another desired position for topical application.

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Clitoris suction device. The soft portion constructed to contact the patient’s skin can include a concave shape and a convex shape immediately adjacent to the convex shape. The ncbi web site requires javascript to function. The suction applicator also can be constructed to completely cover the vaginal labia of a female patient. The patients were then asked to practice using the device in the examination room for 5 to 10 minutes.


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For example, compliance of the clitoris can be compared to the vacuum level applied, for example to determine the degree of fibrosis, to optimize use of the device and maximize its effectiveness. A penis-shaped motor housing can be provided, within which at least a portion of the suction source is disposed.

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