Cheney dick shooting video

Cheney had already begun to shoot into a covey of quail that was taking off from the ground. But many pieces remain too deeply embedded to remove, including one near his heart. No one in the vice president’s entourage said a word about it publicly until the next morning, when katharine armstrong, the daughter of the ranch’s owner, spoke with a reporter from a local newspaper. So even though they lied to the general public initially it seems they did at least disclose the truth to the victims families. The white house is hoping that mr whittington’s statement will quell the uproar over the shooting and the failure to immediately report it, which have provided fodder for american comedians.

Man shot by vice president cheney says accidents happen

I think the american people are looking at this and saying, ‘enough already. O’leary showcases humanity in a fluent, fun read, which will let you peek into the most intimate and the well familiar entrails of existence.