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In 1980, while he was attending the university of georgia (studying painting and photography), he met. I know that at least one of them will catch you by surprise! here’s the list of my favorite gay and lesbian celebrities. Van der beek had his start as namesake character dawson leery on “dawson’s creek. If having a kid with your partner of 20+ years doesn’t get you to come out, i’m not sure what will. Ritter plays a doctor accused of murdering his wife and removing her unborn child.

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Carol burnett bisexual. Tom cruise and travolta will never come out. I mean, debra paget? Patron-in-chief, victorian governor, the honourable linda dessau ac. Since september 6, 2014.


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He’s not exactly a big secret in fl and someone is eventually going to spill. All we can do is look at each in turn and decide which arguments seem more plausible. Heather matarazzo was born november 10, 1982, in oyster bay, new york.