Age you lost your virginity

Genes influence the age at which you lose your virginity, study shows | science | the guardian

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Other than he’s a total loser douchebag nowadays, but that’s another story. It was mediocre at best. The look of elation then disappointment was priceless. I’m very happy with him and experienced sex for the first time in a happy relationship.

Losing your virginity at a young age | popsugar love & sexCan we guess at what ?


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Age you lost your virginity. They’ll have started school at the same time, gone to secondary at the same time, be leaving school at the same time, sitting exams at the same time etc. Who’s going to get the condoms (if i’m sleeping with a guy)? and where/when can we find a private space and time to get it on? if you’re seriously considering taking the next step, you’ve got to be seriously ready to answer these qs and understand that sex can bring life-changing consequences, like pregnancy or an std you’ll have for the rest of your life. The first time, it hurt really bad for me- i had/have issues with most ‘penetration’. Wait, but doesn’t you bring it back up make you an asshole too? hmmm. Also, did you regret it later, or was it what you were hoping for? I wish i had known more about how to prevent that.


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I was, i wasn’t mature enough for her message. Still lookin for my perfect girl!

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