A quick spank

President hinckley follows up his statement about the difficulties of parenting with this: “you will be far more successful with love as your watchword than you will be with a whip or lash or anything of the kind. All that accomplishes is shame. New york (reuters health) – new dads who feel down are much more likely to spank their kids than dads in good spirits, u. Talk given at salt lake university 3rd stake conference, november 3, 1996. The infants would need a quick spank for things like foul language, some of which they pick at school, a quick spank for playing dangerously and destroying property in the house, a quick spank for answering back when you are cautioning them, a quick spank for disappearing into the neighbourhood and having to be looked for in the evening and a quick spank for throwing food away and declaring what they want to eat.


It teaches them that the way you get what you want is by hurting people. Your child may stop the offensive actions.